About The Dark Coach

‘Why The Dark Coach

We call ourselves the dark coach because we actively seek to bust the myth that to perform in cycle sport you need to pay for a coach.

This site was set up in response to exponential growth in paid for ‘expert’ cycle coaching services.

More and more people are choosing to spend money on paid for coaching services. Generally these services offer highly prescriptive and highly structured workouts. They offer the promise of (vastly) improved performance, based on scientific or specialist coaching knowledge.

But Here is the Problem’

  • Anyone can set themselves up as a Coach, no qualifications required. Many claim to be experts, often based on nothing more than experiential knowledge as former athlete without any formal sports coaching qualification.
  • The business model relies on the athlete becoming hooked on a highly prescribed training plan. Many athletes are unable to function unless they are told what to do, when to do it and how to it. Take away the program and athlete stops training.
  • Prescribed programs are often complicated. Why? Because athletes believe that for something to be valuable it must complicated. For paid for coaching services to maintain the edge they need to come up with a hook, something new, something unique and usually something complicated.
  • Coaching programs are often generic designed for what generally works for the majority. It is not hard to work out that for a paid for coaching service to pay you need lots of paying athletes (or you need to be very expensive. With lots of athletes you need to churn out programs by the dozens, often the hundreds. Coaching the becomes a cooker cutter approach. Programs generally cannot be tailored for the unique individual requirements of the athlete.
  • Feedback is limited. Feedback and monitoring of athletes is limited to an occasion phone call or email. As a consequence athletes are not find the most effective or efficient program for their needs.

‘The Net Result: Dependence and Not Independence’

Athletes find themselves in a position of dependence, unable to think for themselves, their destiny in results and performance is no longer in the hands of the athlete,

‘Our Mission’

Our mission is bust the myth that to perform, you need to pay for coaching. We aim to impart knowledge that helps you become an independent athlete and take control of your training program and maximise your potential to reach your cycling goals.

‘Our Values’

  • We Share knowledge and experience..
  • We are humble in learning from others.
  • We apply simplicity in everything we do.
  • We are committed to developing independence.
  • We expect nothing in return.