Free 14 Week Indoor ZWIFT Program

We are all going to be spending more time indoors due to COVID-19. In response and to help other atheletes, I have created a 14 week training program, to be used in conjunction with ZWIFT. This program can be downloaded free of charge from this page.

Currently the information I offer is free of charge.  However if you find my site and training program useful, please consider helping others by donating to Qhubeka.

Qhubeka is a global charity that moves people forward with bicycles in Africa.  People earn bicycles through our programmes, improving their access to schools, clinics and jobs.

If you download my program, please recommend my site THEDARKCOACH.COM through Facebook or your social media platform.

If you Donate to Qhubeka please post post on Facebook:

I downloaded a training program from and donated to

If you have any questions or technical queries about this program. you can contact the the through our contact form


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