Interval Training

One of our values is that we prepared to learn from others. The other thing is that simply trawling through other peoples blogs and websites and repeating what they say, passing off as your own, is just plain cheating. Plagiarism is the technical term.

In considering polarised training of Seiler and how it might benefit you, you need to think about the types of intervals you might like to do. The obvious questions are what intensity should I do these at and how best should I do them.

The best answer I have found on this one is from I found this download through google, so I can only assume it is freely available . If it is not supposed to available then I apologise to wattkg. But hey perhaps you need to sort out your security. Plus, I am increasing the hits on your site, so all seems fair. Anyway I make no bones about it, this belongs to wattkg and it is a far better article than I could cobble together. It has a really nice simple chart of intervals for various levels of cyclists. It does not have the 4 min intervals I favour, but is does cover pretty much everything else



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